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Vaillant are Europes leading premium brand. When it comes to quality build and after care Vaillant are second to none.

With a wide range of boiler models and outputs there's one for every situation

Starting with the Vaillant 24 pro Combi Boiler up to the 937 Powerstore Combi Boiler.

Vaillant Boiler 28 pro

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  • FREE Anti Scale Device!
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  • Higher Output
  • New Lower pricing
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Vaillant 24 Pro Combi Boiler

The Vaillant 24 Pro combi boiler

Image of Vaillant 24 Pro combi boiler

The Vaillant 24 pro combi boiler has the same build quality as Vaillant ecotec plus models but it has a more basic specification. The most obvious difference between a 24 pro and a plus model is the casing. The 24 pro models do not have a drop down control panel cover.

The Vaillant 24 pro model is ideally suited to properties with lower hot water demands – typically a 1 or 2 bed apartment or house with 1 bathroom. But it has the ability to heat larger properties, with 19KW of heating output, it’s the potential demand for hot water that is the issue.

It’s highly reliable combi boiler. It’s the must have boiler if you are a landlord with a typical 2 bed house or apartment and you want a top end boiler with a longer warranty.

Tried and tested performance and reliability are what you get with any Vaillant Boiler. After sales service and support is second to none.

With our great installation deals, and 5YR WARRANTY cover on all Vaillant 24 pro boilers, they should be high on your list of choices. With a hot water Flow Rate of 9.4Ltrs a min it offers more than enough performance for everyday use.

Our very competitive pricing on this boiler, with installation included, adds up to a great deal. A full range of compatible controls is available as well as optional system protection devices

Recommended Controls for the Vaillant 24 pro combi boiler

We recommend the Vaillant VRT 392f plug in wireless progammable control for this boiler. Alternatively the timeSwitch 160 digital plug in timer can be used when coupled with an existing room stat. Vaillant 24 pro combi boilers are compatible with a wide range of manufacturers control systems. You can make use of your existing controls or choose from a wide range of manufacturers if you wish.

Recommended protective devices for the Vaillant 24 pro combi boiler

A suitable magnetic system filter should be used when installing any new combi boiler. Combi boilers deliver hot water via flat plate heat exchangers which can become clogged with oxide deposits from dirty systems. A magnetic system filter like the Magnaclean helps to prevent oxide sludge from clogging the combi boiler heat exchanger.

Limescale build up in the heat exchanger is another common problem in combi boilers. Having a suitable anti-scale device or combi-mate installed is highly recommended, unless you already have a water softener installed in your home.

Why not upgrade to the vaillant 824 plus combi boiler?

Vaillant 824 Ecotec Plus combi Boiler

The entry level combi boiler in Vaillants flagship Ecotec Plus range. With the same performance figures as the 24 Pro but with a more sophisticated level of control features and housed in a full casing with drop down cover for the control panel.

If you are siting the boiler in a highly visible location then the sleeker look of the Vaillant 824 Plus might be an important consideration.

24 Pro Combi Boiler

Vaillant 24 pro combi boiler

With Vaillant's 'AquaComfort' system ecoTEC plus combination boilers offer excellent hot water performance providing instantaneous hot water at a constant temperature.

The 24 pro combi boiler is the entry level combi from Vaillant. Suitable for a wide range of properties and competetively priced. This boiler has separate hot water temperature control.

Ecotec Plus 415 Boiler

Vaillant regular boiler

ecoTEC plus high efficiency open vent boilers, the most compact boilers ever developed by Vaillant, are the ideal solution for traditional open-vented heating systems.

All ecoTEC open vent boilers have a 2 year warranty and offer central heating heat outputs of 15, 18, 28 and 38kW respectively.

630 System Boiler

Vaillant system boilers

ecoTEC plus system boilers are the most compact system boilers ever developed by Vaillant, offering simple installation and unrivalled siting flexibility. All models are SEDBUK Band 'A' rated (SAP 2005), the highest boiler efficiency.

From 12KW to 37KW outputs, there's one to suit your home.

Ecotec Plus 937

Vaillant 937 combi boiler

The ecoTEC plus 937 storage combination boiler requires no hot water cylinder or cold water storage tank in the loft. The ecoTEC plus 937 provides a high level of hot water comfort due to its 'actoSTOR' fully integrated storage tank and is ideally suited to properties with higher hot water demands - typically a 3/4 bedroom detached house with one or two bathrooms and an en-suite.