Vaillant Boilers

Vaillant boilers come in three versions, combi, system and regular. Each type of boiler has specific features which make it suitable for a range of different property types and uses.

All modern boilers are now what’s known as Condensing Boilers. This refers to the operation of the boiler and not the type of boiler. Modern boilers all now extract latent heat from the flue gases. This process causes the condensation within the flue which gives rise to the term condensing boiler.

Combi Boilers

The Vaillant range of combi boilers include the entry level 24 pro up to the 937 PowerStore combi. The Exclusive range include the 32KW and the 38KW output models.

The Pro range includes the 24KW and the 28KW output models. Suitable for a wide range of property types these boilers have the same build quality as all the other vaillant boilers but have less features. The most obvious difference is that the Pro range does not have a drop down cover for the control panel

The Ecotec Plus Combi Range

The Ecotec plus range includes the 824, 831, 837 and 937 powerstore combi boilers. The model numbers indicate each boilers output level for hot water supply. The higher the output the higher the potential flow rate of hot water through the boiler. Hot water flow rates vary according to incoming water pressure and flow. Guidelines for the ecotec plus combi boilers range from 9.4 ltrs a minute up to 25 ltrs a minute of blended hot water from the Vaillant 937 powerstore.

Vaillant 832 and 838 Exclusive

The Exclusive range was developed for properties requiring higher heating outputs. They deliver high hot water flow rates together with the ability to drive larger heating systems.

System Boilers

A system boiler runs on a pressurised or sealed heating system. This type of system has many benefits over conventional open vented boiler systems. System boilers are often used in conjunction with pressurised hot water cylinders. The boilers and cylinders offer an integrated solution for larger properties with high heating and hot water demands, and equally can be installed in much smaller properties.

System boilers do not require a header tank and so are very useful where the installation of such a tank is not possible

Vaillant’s 600 series of system boilers offers outputs from 12KW to 37KW which make them suitable for almost any property

Regular or open vent boilers

Vaillant’s 400 series of open vent boilers offers outputs from 12KW to 38KW. With this wide range of outputs there is going to be one to suit your property.

Open vent or conventional boilers require a header tank that is usually situated in the loft. Hot water is provided via a copper cylinder usually located in an airing cupboard. There are other options for hot water storage when using an open vented boiler but this set up is the most common.

Open vented boilers are generally configured in either an ‘S’ plan or a ‘Y’ plan heating and hot water set up. This basically means that you will either have one or two port valves controlling the hot water flow around the system. If you have a very old system you may have what’s known as gravity fed hot water, this type of set up was common with the old style floor standing and back boilers.

All new boiler installations that we install are fully pumped systems.

24 Pro Combi Boiler

Vaillant 24 pro combi boiler

With Vaillant's 'AquaComfort' system ecoTEC plus combination boilers offer excellent hot water performance providing instantaneous hot water at a constant temperature.

The 24 pro combi boiler is the entry level combi from Vaillant. Suitable for a wide range of properties and competetively priced. This boiler has separate hot water temperature control.

Ecotec Plus 415 Boiler

Vaillant regular boiler

ecoTEC plus high efficiency open vent boilers, the most compact boilers ever developed by Vaillant, are the ideal solution for traditional open-vented heating systems.

All ecoTEC open vent boilers have a 2 year warranty and offer central heating heat outputs of 15, 18, 28 and 38kW respectively.