Vaillant Combi Boilers

Vaillants latest range of high efficiency combi boilers has won the prestigous Energy Council Award for the most efficient condensing boilers on the market.

The Vaillant Company

Established in 1874, German company Vaillant has gone on to make ground-breaking contributions to home heating and today has a wide range of gas boilers, renewable energy products and even air conditioning.
Vaillant History

Vaillant was founded in 1874 when a 23 year old tailor’s son declared in the newspaper in Remscheid that he had “established himself as a coppersmith and pump manufacturer”.

By 1894 Vaillant had patented the “closed system” boiler that allowed water to be heated without being contaminated by combustion gasses for the first time.

In 1905 Vaillant developed a wall-hung boiler that could fit into any room and in 1924 a revolutionary central heating boiler. Previously, each room needed a fireplace to heat it, but for the first time all the rooms in a house could be warmed from a central location.

The “Combi-Geyser VCW 20“ combines – for the first time – heating and hot water supply in a single unit, launched in 1967.

By 1997 Vaillant had completed a range of solar-thermal systems for heating drinking water – the start of its renewable energy products.

In 1999, after 125 years, Vaillant had supplied 40 million units and over the past 10 years has invested in and developed a range of even more efficient heating systems and renewable energy products.
Vaillant Awards

Two of Vaillant’s boilers – the ecoTEC plus 824 and the ecoTEC plus 831 – have been awarded Best Buy status by consumer watchdog Which?.

Of the ecoTEC plus 824, Which? said: “The Vaillant ecoTEC plus 824 combination condensing boiler is a Best Buy because it provides the best combination of high efficiency, low NOx emissions, convenient features and ease of use”.

While of the ecoTEC plus 831: “It has everything we look for including high efficiency, low NOx emissions, convenient features and ease of use.”
Vaillant Specialities

Vaillant offers a wide range of products encompassing boilers, renewable energy and even air conditioning. Its boiler range includes combination boilers – found in around 70% of UK homes – including its two award winning products, as well as system and open vent boilers and storage cylinders and heating controls.

24 Pro Combi Boiler

Vaillant 24 pro combi boiler

With Vaillant's 'AquaComfort' system ecoTEC plus combination boilers offer excellent hot water performance providing instantaneous hot water at a constant temperature.

The 24 pro combi boiler is the entry level combi from Vaillant. Suitable for a wide range of properties and competetively priced. This boiler has separate hot water temperature control.

Ecotec Plus 415 Boiler

Vaillant regular boiler

ecoTEC plus high efficiency open vent boilers, the most compact boilers ever developed by Vaillant, are the ideal solution for traditional open-vented heating systems.

All ecoTEC open vent boilers have a 2 year warranty and offer central heating heat outputs of 15, 18, 28 and 38kW respectively.